My Story

Welcome to my Website!  Scentsy has BLESSED me in so many ways!  I have always been a Secretary all of my working life (20+ years), and the latest a Financial Investments Assistant (9 Years)! I ALWAYS Loved every minute of meeting our Clients, and doing the Public Relations for our Firm!  NOW.... I meet "My Own" Clients and I am Blessed to say that each of my Scentsy Clients has become GREAT Friends, and I can't envision my Life without Scentsy!  Heck I can't envision one day with out talking Scentsy!  I get to know everyone personally!  I LOVE IT! :-)

In 2007 I started with Scentsy - at the recommendation of my good Friend, Deb Dutson - Deb gave me the Gift of Scentsy and my Family & I couldn't be more Blessed!  Now, I run my own Business! I work around my Kids!  4H, Dog Obedience, Agility, Goats and Horses!  :-)  It's really a WIN/WIN Situation for all Mom's & Stay at Home Dad's!  I get the Benefits of running my Own Business, and my Kids get the benefit of having me available at will! 

I am looking for more Scentsy FAMILY! (Across the USA, Canada, Purto Rico & Guam)  Talk to me about Joining Scentsy!  Although there are some requirements to stay active - they are very easily attained!   You can earn A Little (to help with your bills) or Earn ALOT (to help your House payment).  

I hold Team Training Meetings, we offer UPLINE Training & I will help you Build a Successful Business!  Call Me Today 775-388-0480!  I look forward to Sharing the "Scentsy Life and Blessings" with you and your Family! 

EVERYONE loves a Great Smelling Home & There is NOT ONE Product on the market today that can out perform SCENTSY!  Call to Live the Experience TODAY!  

I can't wait "TO TALK SCENTSY WITH YOU!"  Feel free to check out my Website and surf around!  There is ALOT to EXPLORE! 

SCENTSY SPIRIT!  If you have any questions of me -- Please feel free to call me - My Cell is on 24/7 775-388-0480 !  THANKS!

WHEN will your Scentsy STORY Begin?